Sailing events include a April 7 -9, 2017 national open match race for blind and visually impaired sailors.  Click on the picture for blind match racing details.

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First Sail Florida Around Dolphin Tail Island skills race is held each month.  

To start, sign up at no cost on to have access to Chapter 1 of Basic Keelboat Online,

a US Sailing online training course designed to prepare beginners for their first time on the water. 

Once the online course is completed Click on the Register Now Icon for the on the water First Sail

Florida sailing course registration in Titusville, Florida. Titusville is located directly across the river 

from the Kennedy Space Center. The cost of the on the water sail training  is $30.00.

This cost includes the 3 hour on the water First Sail Florida Experience and entry to compete in the

around Dolphin Tail Island skills race for the skipper and two crew.           

The First Sail Florida Experience departs and returns to the Titusville Marina for a 3 hour session

First Sail Florida 18' Keelboats with mainsail, jib sail and spinnaker. They are shallow draft 2,700 pound displacement sailboats built to navigate the waters of the Indian River. 

Click on picture for match racing video.

Sail up and have lunch at Crackerjacks Resturant and Tiki Bar to complete a chapter in your Great Florida Sailing Adventure. The Dolphin Tail Islands are in the background in the upper part of the picture. Click on the picture for the menu.